When I’m Not Ghostwriting

Like all creative mavericks everywhere, I’m not content with doing the one thing called “The Day Job”. Why would I? Isn’t that the whole point of freelancing?

I’m freestyle, freespirited, free to flit about like the creative butterfly that I am.

So, when I’m not busting a gut trying to finish a client’s 35- 40- or 50,000 word manuscript, I’m unwinding by creating my own natural skincare products.

It all started way back when my youngest daughter Millie complained of an  irritable, sensitive scalp. I hunted around for a solution for months, but never managed to find one that soothed her scalp while allowing her lovely thick, natural tresses to breathe.

In the meantime, you know kids –  scratch, scratch, scratch – despite you telling them not to. While I was tearing around, making things up as I went along (weird-smelling concoctions, no less), not only had my poor little lamb’s scalp become red, raw and sore, her skin complaint had spread to the rest of her face and neck.

Medicated products prescribed by the doctor were completely ineffective. And in any case, they were thick, white and gloopy – not the nicest look once plastered through naturally thick, black, curly hair.

I was determined to find a natural solution, which not surprisingly, found me trudging down the natural skincare route. I took courses in natural skincare forumlation and learned how to create my own creams, toners, lotions and balms while educating myself on the wonderful benefits of natural skincare. I continue to learn as I expand my repertoire and skills. I’m even revisiting Chemistry as a subject. If only Chemistry was this much fun back in my school days!

You can follow my progress on Instagram, or if you’d like to purchase any of my products, feel free to visit my website at www.naturkissd.com.


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