cropped-mary-cummings.jpgHi! I’m Mary Cummings.


I’m a UK-based ghostwriter for entrepreneurs and business owners, who want to write and publish their non-fiction/business book.


I’ve always enjoyed writing.


As a child, I spent hours tucked away in my bedroom writing poems, plays and short stories.


I was THE consummate teacher’s pet at school (think ‘Horrid Henry’s’ perfect little brother, ‘Perfect Peter’).


Even though my teacher’s seal of approval didn’t do me any favours with my school mates (“Excellent work Mary, keep it up”), it kept alive my love of reading and writing, well throughout my school years.


I even entered writing competitions – and often won them.  But it remained a hobby while I went through life acquiring and ditching proper paying jobs.


It wasn’t until many years later and quite by accident, that I discovered I could be paid to do something that I really enjoyed.


I was asked to write for a community online newspaper.  This boosted my confidence to pitch to other local newspapers and trade publications until I was eventually offered my first paying gig.


I was hooked.  I retrained as a Journalist in 2001, left my corporate coop for freelance freedom in 2005, and I haven’t look back since.


I have published and launched a print magazine originally aimed at, not surprisingly, freelance and self-employed mums Work Your Way print Magazine, which was distributed into selected branches of Sainsbury’s and family-friendly centres Nationwide.


The magazine helped me to gain recognition from Mr. Boris Johnson, MP and former Mayor of London, for in his words, “forging new relationships, sparking ideas and providing advice in an easy, accessible way,” at grass roots level.


It also helped me to form a bustling community of creative freelancers and hobbyists looking to start and run a successful creative business. The blog at workyourway, continues to gain popularity, attracting guest writers and sponsored editorial.


I have ghost written numerous articles and have been commissioned to write for a number of high profile small business websites, including The Small Business Blog, Sage UK and The Formations Company.


And in 2012 I was commissioned by Lorraine Allman, to contribute to her influential book; ‘’Enterprising Child – Developing your Child’s Entrepreneurial Potential.’’


I have a regular writing routine.  Mondays are usually spent drafting new content for my blog here at marycummings.co.uk the blog at workyourway or my training courses.


Tuesdays through Fridays are reserved for client work.  Things occasionally overlap as need arises, but that schedule is pretty much it.


Of course, a lot of thinking and musing goes on behind the scenes *every single day*.


I don’t suffer from writer’s block.  I constantly jot ideas down as they come to me.  Those little ‘babies’ inevitably end up somewhere useful in some form or another.  It’s all part of what I do as a writer and it keeps my writing honed.


It also means that I keep my mind fresh and alert for your next ghost writing project.


Do you need your business book written to raise your profile or business?  Contact me to discuss how I can help.



I look forward to working with you.

Best Wishes